Phase 1: May 4th Is our competitive team ONLY

Phase 2: May 18th Starburst (excluding little lights) Instructional and gym extreme. The front desk will call next week to give you the new schedule options. (Limited number of students)

Phase 3: No official date yet. This will include Preschool gymnastics and Limited Pay to Play classes. example Flip Flop Shop (excluding Open Indoor Playground this is canceled until further notice)

Open Indoor Playground

ACG will be your jungle gym! Your children can use our equipment (instead of your furniture!) to burn off some of their excess energy! Bring your kids, your friends, and your playgroups to enjoy some unstructured playtime together. (Parents Must Supervise)

Looking for Competition Information?

Check out our TEAM ACG website for all Competition Related Information #Competitions

Super Saturday's

Children 4-12 can be dropped off for a Fun Night so you can have a Fun Night of your own. Super Saturday are a night of structured play and crafts that will keep your child happy and having fun! $20 per child 6:30 - 9:30pm, Please sign up no later than Friday before.


Avant Coeur Educational PreSchool and Kindergarten is where your child will start their education off with Fun and Learning! More

Birthday Parties

  • Canceled Until Further Notice


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