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We are going strong here at ACG, no matter what it looks like outside! It takes some extreme weather to close our doors unexpectedly. If we do need to cancel classes, be on the look out for an email, text message or facebook post. Like us here to stay in the know, not the snow! We will let you know. We do not close very often on account of weather. A.C.E. our educational preschool does follow the school district snow closures. So when schools are closed our school is also, just not our gymnastics classes. Stay safe out there!

Open Indoor Playground

ACG will be your jungle gym! Your children can use our equipment (instead of your furniture!) to burn off some of their excess energy! Bring your kids, your friends, and your playgroups to enjoy some unstructured playtime together. Mon 12:30 - 2:30pm, Fri 9:00 - 11:00am $5 1st Child $3 Each Additional Child.

This Month at ACG

Three SUPER SATURDAY'S this month!!! Children 4-12 can be dropped of for a Fun Night so you can have a Fun Night of your own. $15 per child 6:30 - 9:30pm 1/7, 1/21, 1/28 (Christian Centers School Fundraiser on the 28th) Please sign up no later than Friday before. Check the Calendar of Events for the next Super Saturday!


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Christmas Hat Day 2016
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Who Are We? ACG!!!

Birthday Parties

  • 16 party children!
  • 45 minutes in our party area for presents and cake!
  • 45 minutes of non-stop fun in our 12,000 sq.ft. gymnasium!
  • Birthday child receives a special balloon and goodie bag!
  • The party guests receive a goodie bag!
  • 2 Loveable, Huggable, Energetic coaches to help with the set-up, lead your party through fun in the gym and do all the clean-up!
  • All for ONLY $175
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