Avant Coeur Educational Preschool



For Boys and Girls 3 - 5 years old

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Times and Prices


You choose the schedule based on your needs and availability in the Classes!
*2 day minimum with the following options:

Each day includes One Half Hour Instructed Gymnastics Lesson! A $30.00 value "FREE" and One Half Hour a Week of Instructional Music and Movement.

Play Care ACG is a fully licensed Child Care facility in the state of Idaho, and would love to provide a Fun Safe and Positive environment for your preschooler!

Avant Coeur Education is for 3-6 year old's from Preschool to Kindergarten. At ACE, we believe children learn best by interacting with their environment and their peers. Providing age-appropriate, fun materials and experiences is key to a successful preschooler/kindergartner. Assessing the needs of each child (by observation and talking with parents) and evaluation group needs and interaction is our fundamental goal in curriculum development. Our philosophy allows children to explore their world in a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate program.

During the day, your child will have the opportunity to focus on and refine the five areas of development. We follow common core guidelines and traditional teaching practices combined with 1st grade preparation. Some specific skills for each of these areas include:


Gain confidence in their ability to do things, express their needs with appropriate words and actions, develop strategies to control impulses, join in play, resolve conflict, and taking turns.


Practice large motor skills in creative movement, dance and gymnastics. Refine small motor skills by manipulation and controlling objects.


Develope skills in matching, grouping common items and what comes next in a series. Experiment with, and describe cause and effect relationships.


Increase awareness and usage of letters and lettersounds, numbers, shapes, colors. Increase awareness and usage of writing, using correct letter shapes and within lines.


Independent learning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Attention and Focus

We are a:

Developmentally age-appropriate program that focuses on a hands-on learning approach with directive teaching and self-directive discovery learning approach.

Our schedule includes a balance of quiet and lively activities

ACE Teachers!

Miss Suzanne

Miss Suzanne has been working with ACG for 3 years.